Friday, January 11, 2008


To be honest, I wouldn't listen to Ashia's cd for pure pop enjoyment, but I think she deserves to be singled out here for doing something very different. And it takes courage to be different. That's why most young actresses only do a dance or pop album, if they're sexy enough. But to bare only your voice and your cello, writing your own music in the artistic element to boot, well, you've got guts. She's also got the pipes, and a steady hand on the strings with a tonal quality that is often something special.

Akin to coffeehouse music, this is mood music, which Could appeal more to the theatrical crowd than the teens, but there's a captivating magic to it if you allow yourself the time to sit and stare and ponder. You can lose yourself in the emotion of the complexity of the disc's simpleness. Well worth a listen, for the open-minded.

1 Divine Killer
2 Fossil
3 Pay to be Loved
4 Ne me quitte pas
5 Nomanmad
6 Clean for You

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