Sunday, January 20, 2008

Chris Humphrey - Nothing But Blue Sky

Berlin's Blue Skies isn't on the cd, so don't let the title fool you. What is here is a spiffy collection of soft spoken jazz, scattered with bits of scat (see One Note Samba for the best example). And it seems Chris teaches jazz piano at the Univ. of So. Maine, so it's good to see a teacher Doing what he teaches, eh? He knows what he's singing about. I find his voice a bit small in the music, though it could be the mixing. Then again, it treats the voice as one more instrument in the band rather than the Star, and I find that notion refreshing. I mean, just because Sting sings and writes and plays doesn't mean there's no drum player, right? Anyway, Chris has a good voice, harkening me back to the days of singers like the guy who did the theme for Greatest American Hero. A little James Taylor in the religion of the music. Not hard and not smooth jazz. But refreshing and mainstream.

The following track list is taken right off of ebay, where you can get the cd for $12 and no postage.

1. I Can See Clearly Now 6:06
Johnny Nash (NashcoMusicInc.-ASCAP)
2. A Love So Strong 5:59
Chris Humphrey
3. If I Should Lose You 4:54
Ralph Rainger/ Leo Robin (FamousMusicLLC-ASCAP)
4. Anna's Song (Safe in My Arms) 5:04
Chris & Jenn Humphrey
5. Swingin' 'Til the Girls Come Home 5:39
Oscar Pettiford (OrpheusMusicInc.-BMI/ )/ Jon Hendricks (HendricksMusicInc.-ASCAP)
6. Solitude 6:59
Duke Ellington/ Edgar De Lange/ Irving Mills (EMI Mills Music Inc.-ASCAP/ FamousMusicInc..-ASCAP/ScarsdaleMusicCorp.-ASCAP)
7. (The Date Is) Friday the 13th 5:11
Thelonious Monk (TheloniousMusicCorp-BMI) (lyrics: Jenn Humphrey)
8. Lullaby for Jackson 5:03
Chris & Jenn Humphrey
9. In Walked Bud 6:27
Thelonious Monk (EmbassyMusicCorp.-BMI)
10. One Note Samba 4:48
Antonio Carlos Jobim/Mendonca Newton (CorcovadoMusicCorp.-BMI)
11. Every Time I Feel the Spirit 4:33
all selections arranged by Chris Humphrey

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