Monday, January 7, 2008

most surprising cd of the week!

I love, absolutely love, this cd. It's also a great commercial for not judging a cd by its cover. Looking at it, one might think that Pedro Alfonso is going to come on comically strong like Frank Zappa, just not with rock. Something about the way he's biting his violin on the cd cover. Something about his mugging and stylish but manic clothing shots inside the case. But the music is anything but nonsensical. More than being your average violinist who has backed every Latin number from Gloria Estefan to Shakira, here's a one-take session player who knows what he wants from his own music, hires his own backup musicians and goes out and gets it. I'm talking about putting the prof in professional, slicing some strings like you wouldn't believe.

Not just the foreign flavor of "Oil for Fools" but some classy, heartfelt remakes of classics - "My Funny Valentine" and "Here We Are." These don't stand out. They are average in this man's genius. Not a weak song on the album. One listen to this man mixing "Little Havana" and I immediately want to hear him do an entire Henry Mancini album. I'm begging for it.

Go buy it. No reason to wait, romantics.

1.- Cuerdas locas (Pedro Alfonso)
2.- The next one (Pedro Alfonso ­ Yasmil Marrufo)
3.- Deep breath (Pedro Alfonso)
4.- Oil for fools (Pedro Alfonso)
5.- Little Havana (Pedro Alfonso)
6.- Balada para Liduvina (Pedro Alfonso)
7.- The big mountain (Pedro Alfonso)
8.- La comparsa (Ernesto Lecuona)
9.- Open arms (Jonathan Cain-Steve Perry)
10.- My funny Valentine (Richard Rodgers-Lorenz Hart)
11.- Here we are (Gloria Estefan)
12.- The Sunday after (Pedro Alfonso)

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