Sunday, January 13, 2008

Steve Lampert - Music from There

My favorite British TV show is Yes, Prime Minister. Brilliant satire on politics and modern human nature. In one of the episodes, Sir Humphrey defends an art gallery that no one visits, claiming that there are things worth preserving, even if no one's interested. "But it's vital to know that they're there!" he shouts. I agree with him about some things. I love the ever popular/unpopular Frank Zappa for this reason. I like his '80s stuff, but I don't listen to most of the rest of his catalog because it's beyond me. Steve Lampert's new jazz montage runs in the same field, explained in the cd booklet as "a suite of 12 pieces blending the interpretive and improvisational talents of nine performers with electronic music. The electronic music presented here was composed specifically for realization via a large system of synthesizers and samplers under computer control. These types of modular systems have been in use for decades now, in a variety of musical genres."

Without having read that, I doubt you'd guess it. It's not what I would Choose to listen to as I type my books out at the computer or go on a day trip, but I take great solace in the fact that music of this sort is still being attempted and marketed, and that there Are audiences for it. Obviously without such experimentation, we cannot grow musically. If Steve is searching for the ultimate chord or process or sound, or merely doing this as an exercise in sound, I applaud him wildly for having the courage to do something different.

Steve Lampert, trumpet
Rich Perry, tenor saxophone
Jamie Baum, flute
Adam Kolker, bass clarinet
John Hebert, double bass
Rick Cutler, drums
Jeff Hirshfield, drums
Jim Clouse, percussion
Sue Lampert, vocals

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