Monday, February 25, 2008

Luiz Simas - Cafuné

The lyrics for these

1 - Cabelos Brancos
2 - Se o Papa Dissesse
3 - Sambinha do Chinês
4 - Meu Rio
5 - A Chama
6 - A Rede, a Brisa e o Som do Mar
7 - Normal
8 - Panelas
9 - A Revolta dos Mares
10 - Cafuné
11 - Sorvete Colorê
12 - Sempre Assim
13 - Apareci por Aqui

are in Portuguese, all written and songs arranged by pianist/vocalist Luiz Simas. At times, he is Latin, other times he's distinctly off-Broadway, as in the soft and beautiful "A Rede, a Brisa e o Som do Mar," an introspective piano-voice piece that stands out from others since many times he has the Bossa Nova sway working. None too fast, none too loud.

I love the abnormally sparse and playful "Normal" that begins with a simple acoustic guitar, soon showcasing Luiz's vocal gymnastics of rushing through some phrases which don't make you think for a moment of rap. Nothing aggressive here. Or on the whole CD.

Personally, perhaps my favorite track is the smooth jazz instrumental, "A Revolta dos Mares" because it's exactly the kind of music I prefer listening to while I work (which is nearly all the time) at the computer. Sax, soft piano riff, the bare elements of mood that can make it to the soundtrack to Whatever you're doing. Sex, politics, writing fiction. Fits anything. Snuggly, relaxingly.

I recommend this cd for its variety, for its talent.

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