Monday, March 3, 2008

Paul McCartney - Ecce Cor Meum

Paul McCartney is an institution, and one of courage. Any Beatle who dares to write classical musical – or neo or whatever you Want to call it – is taking a chance. It's like remaking Psycho, isn't it? Certain things just shouldn't be done, right? Well, Paul is the prince of pop music. His hits, with and without Lennon, are countless, so undoubtedly the man knows something about pop, i.e. how to please the crowd. So what's wrong with a bit of that in the classical medium? How many new works are being commissioned these days anyway? True, if he wasn't PM this new recording wouldn't be on the EMI label. It'd probably be self-released and you'd have to wade thru to find it. Regardless of its authorship, any epic new work is rare and worth a listen.

Ecce Cor Meum is the new concert CD from Sir Paul, with a running time of 67 minutes, and a documentary of 47 minutes. It's a visual rep of his 4th classical album which was released last year (2006), this performance being shot during its sold out world premiere in London's Royal Albert Hall.

As you might expect, the spectacle is stunning and the presentation of music is gorgeous. It's an energetic showcase that I hope bridges a bit more gap between the Mozart mind and the Britney wannabe.

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