Thursday, March 27, 2008

Paul Renz - ReBop

Paul Renz guitar
Anders Bostrom Flutes
Nathan Fryett drums
Eric Graham bass
Brian Ziemniak hammond organ & piano

are playing

1. ReBop 5:05 Paul Renz
2. Un Poco Loco 8:29 Bud Powell, arranged by Paul Renz
3. Sloppy Joe 8:37 Paul Renz
4. Sambatude 6:02 Paul Renz
5. Farewell HP 9:06 Paul Renz
6. Ayo’s Hat 6:41 Paul Renz
7. Dish It Up 4:20 Paul Renz

And it will take you back. To a simpler, pre-internet time when guys like me first met jazz like this (well, almost) via the Charlie Brown specials on TV. Something about the way the flute grafts onto the guitar, and the intensely positive nature of the release, which makes you hungry for more of the sound and feeling. I'm reminded of riding my bike on a dirt road. Now it's paved. ReBop evokes the emotions of the past while serving them in a modern context and bright, undated production.

Tho it's Paul's CD, ReBop is certainly a group effort, with no one seeming to take lead. The 9-minute mood piece "Farewell HP" is a blue feeling that stands out because that positive theme has leaped out the 34th floor window. But good for night time for the happy person. He's the one who can take it.

Recommended music, with solid long tracks you can fall into and become attached to, like an interesting short story that travels to a land you might not expect to find yourself in.

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