Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bill Hart - Subject to Change

When first listening to Bill Hart's hour of

1 On My Way Home
2 Look Out for June
3 Jim Gilligan
4 Sara's Song
5 Anna Banana
6 Loose Gravel
7 Subject to Change
8 You're Next
9 Canadese Africano
10 What Are You Doing
11 This Is Why
12 Inside Out
13 Spazio Aperto
14 It's Working
15 Cerchi Nel Grano

I was immediately struck with puzzlement as to the label. "This isn't Magna Carta!" But Bill should certainly be snapped up by that label. His music will remind you of Bill Bruford's Earthworks and some of the Terry Bozzio releases currently on MC's list. To those progressive rock fans out there, like myself, this is indeed a compliment.

You can tell this is a man who played Rocky Horror and Little Shop of Horrors in his youth. Lately, he's opened for Herbie Hancock, Acoustic Alchemy, and has studied under Steve Khan, Mike Stern, etc. The name dropping could continue, but click the picture to link over to cdbaby and listen to some samples yourself. Personally, I have no stand out tracks to praise. I like the cd as a whole, because if You want to call this prog rock, as I do, you'll know that it's like jazz and classical music. The work as a whole is what's important here. Relaxing and buff brilliance at times, easy going and hard working. The personality of this album is as complex as the most loved of persons.

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