Saturday, April 12, 2008

David Thorne Scott - DYAD

You're going to hear

David Thorne Scott, vocal
Mark Shilansky, piano


1 The Song Is You
2 Fall Into You
3 Boulder to Birmingham
4 Night's Affair With Day
5 Deciding Where To Land
6 Grow
7 Agitated
8 Rocky Mountain High
9 When I Fall In Love
10 A Simple Song

in a rather energized, though sparse, way. Frankly, I think this is one for the Broadway market. Fans of Jerome Kern and Victor Young will appreciate the line up, and those with the patience to listen to a simple (only in terms of instrumentation) set of songs will be struck with the soft power of David's voice, and the nimble fingers of Mark's keys. The piano was a Bit too busy for me - being a smooth jazz fan, generally - as if these tunes are rushing to prove something. But then David adds his able scat and the tone is defined: modern jazz by ears who absolutely Love their genre.

Recommended for those who like busy music. If you can't get to the club, put this on, don't forget the ciggie smoke machine, and put your feet up on the coffeetable.

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