Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Jann Klose - Reverie

Jann Klose's new one, Reverie, contains these:

1. Beautiful Dream
2. Hold Me Down
3. Doing Time
4. Mother Said, Father Said
5. Clouds
6. Give In To This Life
7. All These Rivers
8. Question Of The Heart
9. Remember Your Name
10. Ithaca
11. Watching You Go
12. The Beginning

He describes his sound as "orchestral folk pop from a Bronx-based world traveler" and that sounds about right, except that I can listen to it. Truthfully, I've never been a folk man, ever since it phased out my favorite kinda pop music, that 80s sound that the general public (except Simon Pegg) thumbs down on, because I find it just a shading of country music, and I like neither genre Generally because of the Depressing element.

But there are exceptions. My mood picks my music, and today it's a beautiful weather day here in so. GA, so Jann Klose is as close to a convertible going to the beach without depending on Beach Boys day as I've found in a while. Open door, open window music that refreshes, but perhaps not Charges. You have to come into the game with a positive attitude already and Jann will meet you halfway.

He wrote all the songs and has an attention grabbing, different voice that still sounds familiar. Somewhere between Jack Johnson and Paul McCartney, with a touch from each songwriter's composition skill as well.

Recommended listening. First 3 songs are worth the price of the cd.

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