Friday, April 18, 2008

Kenny Carr - Changing Tide

Kenny Carr - guitar
Donny McCaslin - tenor sax
Tom Baldwin - acoustic bass
Frank Russo - drums

are playing

1. The Chase
2. Tempo Tantrum
3. Blues for Ray
4. Bossa Luna Listen
5. East Side Groove
6. Soaring Listen
7. Bay to Breakers
8. Changing Tide
9. Downstairs Listen
10. Cooper House
11. Costa Del Sol

and it's great. This is what you think of when you think of jazz. The style that comes to my mind, anyway. Taking the tunes away from the melodies and running with it, as on the punly named "Tempo Tantrum" which I could listen to in any sort of weather. At times it does get a bit too unorganized for me, with its freestyle drums and solos doing their thing, but when sax and guitar joins together like skin, the price of admission is achieved.

The night comes, as you might expect, with "Blues for Ray" showing Carr's understated blues style with plenty of quick showoff musical sentences to remind you he can certainly do it better than George Harrison. The man's moods mirror your own, and that's what's cool about this release. It's not one long song, and it's not all Carr. It's about the feeling, it's about the music, not the star.

Recommended cd and at 53 minutes long, it can envelope your whole day, like it did with mine, on repeat play.

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