Sunday, April 27, 2008

Steve Dooks – Cocktails, Heartaches and Cigars

If you're the jump an' jivin' sort, check out Steve's latest set:

1 Smooth and Easy

2 What Does Your Heart Say

3 The Smile On Your Face

4 Cocktails, Heartaches and Cigars

5 In My Dreams

6 Let's Eat Home

7 My Attorney Bernie

8 I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face

9 I Don't Have You Anymore

10 It's Called the Blues

He's brought back a sound that's, alas, gone the way of the silent movie. A big band sound that gives us a reminder of what All singers might be able to do if we lived in a righteous economy. As is, most cds are filled with only the instruments the performers can carry. Well, Steve's hired himself a backing band that travels in style. The title song alone proves the theory that the best jokes are the old jokes, and the best bands are the big bands. I mean, Queen is still popular, for God's sake, so obviously people LIKE a large sound. Damn economy!!

Of course, to counter myself quickly, Dooks doesn't need much on the musing "In My Dreams" which smoothes over something that Billy Joel has always wanted to do. Piano, sultry voice that energizes just a little like Bobby Daren might, if someone could restrain him.

And a word about "I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face." My Fair Lady is one of my 5 favorite films (Dawn of the Dead '78 is in there too), and it's always a pleasure to have someone remember a classic. His take is much like a drunk who comes home late to his empty living room piano gazing on the great NYC view, and he tinkles until 4 am when he finally passes out. I like it.

And the whole, too short, cd too. Good job, sir.

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steve dooks said...

Hi Ben...thanks for the review...You're absolutely right!!! I did finish the cd at 4:00 a.m., the studio was empty, and I did pass out! the only thing I was missing was the N.Y.C. skyline...Unfortuately, where I live, it was the Northern Canadian Tundra....I do love N.Y though....and am a big fan of Queen as well.....stevie dooks