Friday, May 23, 2008

Silveroot - Full Measure

Patrick Flynn (songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist), Emily Palen (violinist and composer) and Darryl Webb (multi-instrumentalist) are playing

1 Overland Road
2 Full Measure
3 Long Train
4 Ain't the Man
5 Dream Reality
6 No Revelation
7 Passing Glances
8 Perpetual Motion
9 Pack It Up
10 Lifeline
11 Stickin' With You

in a world somewhere between unplugged .38 Special and Disneyworld's Frontierland. Yes, this is folk-banjo-guitar-violin music that should attract those of us who aren't really into folk. My favorite bits are those without vocals - and there are enough - but that's no insult against the voices. They are fine and earthy and interesting, but it is the simple hillbilly-dixieland quality of all the acoustics that drives me to listen more. The opening track might qualify as my favorite cut because of this, and the beautiful opening of "Perpetual Motion" is also up there. New day music. Listening to it now, in the early days of summer when it's already hot, doesn't feel right. This is spring.

Things should grow as we hear this music. Real butter should be churning. There should be green and the laughter of a weekend when the kids and parents are home, still enjoying the taste of homemade buttermilk biscuits in their mouths after breakfast.

A worthy contribution to the bluegrass and folk field.