Monday, June 9, 2008

Camp Rock soundtrack

I know this isn't an indie cd - a Disney release is about as corporate as you can get. However, all who know me know I love nearly all things Disney, including the recent rash of DisneyMania releases, which put a modern pop/rock spin on classic, and not so classic, Disney songs. (I don't care for DisneyMania 6 all that much because the classic songs have been done often on other Manias, and the new songs are such obscure Pixar songs that you realize these are just on here to promote things that Need to be promoted because they aren't popular songs or soundtracks.)

Camp Rock is much in the same vein as DisneyMania - very same sound - and anyone who likes the energenic, mostly positive-message songs sung with spirit and breathy Wham, you won't be disappointed by this new release. Frankly, I wish the 2 hip hop songs here would go on their own Camp Hip Hop (if they ever do it) rather than mar the power pop theme of Camp Rock, but that's like complaining about the weather, so never mind.

The tracks:

We Rock
Play My Music
Gotta Find You
Start the Party
Who Will I Be?
This Is Me
Hasta La Vista
Here I Am
Too Cool
Our Time Is Here
2 Stars
What It Takes

Tracks like We Rock, Play My Music and This Is Me are worth buying the cd for. Very recommended new release. Bob Dylan may be good for the soul, but I'll take this crowd pleasing stuff over his depression Any day.

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