Saturday, June 14, 2008

Leanne Weatherly - Go and Find...

When "Caravan" began to play on my computer, my wife asked me if I was playing the Sex and the City soundtrack. Well, Leanne's new release is better than that soundtrack (which had just a bit too much of a hip hop influence for me, when we saw the film), and just as big and sexy. Yes, it makes you think of the big city, the latest club on Saturday night, and you think Leanne has the smoothness of a crooner with the sass of a woman in love, coming out subtly as she belts out

1 Caravan
2 Simple Things
3 Go and Find..
4 Oo So Cool
5 Midnight At the Oasis
6 God Bless the Child
7 Chocolate and Roses
8 Songbird
9 Sunny Skies
10 The Water is Wide
11 True Colors
12 Dream a Little Dream

The title song reminds me of those Helen Reddy albums my mom used to listen to in the '70s. A mixture of class and innocence. How I wish the world as a whole could go back to the "Go and Find" era for just a week.

Very fine jazz voice, one that wants to make you get just a little tipsy and put on your best clothes and find that intimate booth and sip and stare and love and dare.

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