Friday, June 13, 2008

Mary Fettig - Brazilian Footprints

  • Mary Fettig - Alto & Soprano Saxophone, Flute

  • Marcos Silva - Acoustic & Electric Pianos, Synthesizer, Tamborim, Shakers, Woodblocks, Triangle, Repinique, Handclap and Shells

  • Chico Pinheiro - Acoustic & Electric Guitars

  • Scott Thompson - 6-String Electric Bass

  • Celso Alberti - Drums, Handclap and Caxixi

  • Alex Calatayud - Pandeiro on Tracks 1, 6, 8, 10

  • Michael Spiro - Congas, Guiro, Chimes and Shells on Track 7

  • Claudia Villella - Voice on Track 7

are playing
  1. Take the RR Train

  2. Nova

  3. No Balanço do Jequibáu

  4. Baixixe

  5. Jequié

  6. Neguinha

  7. Waterfalls

  8. Inspiração na Esquina

  9. Gliders

  10. The Monster and the Flower

and things have never felt cooler in the house. Well, looking at her bio, Mary's been playing on soundtracks for a while - One Fine Day, Snoopy specials, Garfield specials, and lots of others. She's performed at every jazz festival ever thought up: Playboy, Monterey, North Sea, etc., etc. You'll see why she's in demand on this new cd.

I get a lot of cds. Most are passed on to other fans. Not this one. It's a keeper. It's got the 2 things I love most about jazz. Smoothness. And movement. Often, true smooth jazz can be just a variation of new age that can slow me down to the point of yawning at the work station. Then there's the other extreme where players are trying so hard to sound original that the only thing that remains of the tune is its title printed on the cd case. Mary won't have that. The opening "Take the RR Train" defines who she is. I adore Snoopy music and listen to it often. And I can see why this lady has played ON those soundtracks.

Beautifully done 52 minute release. She's got another one out too, and I hope she sends it to this reviewer. Meantime, click on the cover and go buy Footprints. The tropical side of your personality will be grateful.

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