Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mary Lowe - Jazz Diva

Wow. This is the best singer I've never heard of! Usually instrumental releases get my attention more, but after one listen to "Can't help loving that man of mine" there's nothing left to say but said 1st sentence. Though it helps that

let's face the music and dance
ain't misbehavin
get happy
can't help loving that man of mine
night and day
this can't be love
they can't that away from me
(love is) the tender trap
it's only a paper moon
bewitched, bothered and bewildered
orange coloured sky
come fly with me
secret love

are mostly backed by a full big band sound that is perfection this side of the BBC Orchestra. I do sort of wish the tracking lists on a lot of classic jazz albums like this combined the old and new, thereby mixing new and old fans together (really the only way old music is going to thrive out of the small "nostalgia" folder of life). But that's a small argument. And nothing against her voice or what you're hearing.

Gorgeous work. I wish I could tell you where to buy the cd, but looking on amazon, her site and I couldn't find it. Don't make it so hard to buy the music, Mary!

But keep making it. Your flawless voice and choice of backing musicians are an unstoppable combo.

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