Saturday, June 21, 2008

Megan Birdsall - Little Jazz Bird

You can get pretty dizzy listening to some of

Megan Birdsall - Voice
Tim Cambron - Drums
Bob Bowman - Bass
Paul Smith - Piano
Mike Melvoin - Piano
Bill Caldwell - Sax
Mike Metheny - E.V.I.


is you is
born to be blue
little girl blue
sleepin' bee
the moon's a harsh mistress
little jazz bird
save that time
when your lover has gone/in the wee small hours
hey there
i get along without you very well
my old flame

and then you can drown in the liquid mickey that is her voice on something like "when your lover has gone." The woman can knock you out. "save that time" shows the inner beauty of a singer. Simple piano and voice. A marriage of two sounds is as romantic as you can get.

I wrote a book on Paul Frees, and he sang part of Spike Jones' big hit "My Old Flame," so I had to go to this one quickly. Wow, how bold to do it as a reverse disco tune. :) Not one of my favorites on the cd, but interesting!

If you're into the club or Broadway scene, Megan combines the two quite nicely. Strong voice for a little lady. You wouldn't expect such boldness would come out of that petite frame!

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