Sunday, June 15, 2008


Yesterday I got a nice surprise. A new Disney soundtrack. I'm always happy to get these. Big Disney fan, me.

And YES, I'm looking forward to seeing Wall*E, though it's certainly not a Disney film, it's a Pixar film.

But the soundtrack to the film is not what I would call a crowd pleaser. I like it - quite a lot - because by coincidence it happens to be the kind of music I choose to listen to nearly all the time I'm at the computer - because I'm always working when I'm sitting here. Wall*E is a great working man's soundtrack. To be listened to when you're doing something. And a solid score for a film.

It's not to be listened to in the car or on its own because, as good as Thomas Newman is, it's like a Broadway play without an audience. Half its power will be lost to you if you sit there JUST listening to this updated Tangerine Dream-like score. Its pleasantness is its ability to underscore action. Yours or the film.

So... I say, if that's what you like, buy it. Worth it. If you're a Disney fan who thinks this is the score to Peter Pan or Alice in Wonderland (my 2 favorite cartoons), reconsider, kids!

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