Thursday, July 31, 2008

Court Mast - Sausalito Summer

1 Gold Coast
2 Sausalito Summer (Acoustic)
3 Marling Song
4 Tam Junction
5 Bridgeway
6 West Wind
7 Lonely Sea
8 Jib Jive
9 Highway 1
10 Cat's Paw
11 Water Street
12 Sail Home

Mast's new cd is one of the most original I've been sent in a while. Original because regardless of what the title suggests, I can't detect a theme to the music, and frankly, that's a good thing. It's a collection of jazz tunes and orchestrations, all composed and realized by the man himself. I don't mean he's a Prince, playing everything, but his cornet/trumpet/keys takes the lead in front of some fine players (Dave Bell on guitar and Tim Wallace on flute spring to mind).

However, this is definitely an outside album, due to the freshness of the acoustic instruments. "West Wind" blows me back to Snoopy, while my favorite, the opening "Gold Coast" promises a cool, subtle sound that isn't often repeated on this short release, but welcome all the same.

A recommended top-down-on-your-car experience.

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