Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Felicia Carter - Feather & Step Lightly

Bob Butta – piano
Frank Russo – drums & percussion
Amy Shook – bass, viola, violin
Donato Soviero – guitars
John Jensen – trombone
Tim Leahey – trumpet
Julia Martin – harp
Pat Shook – baritone saxophone

are helping singer Felicia Carter reinvent

1 Hurricane
2 Golden
3 Louise
4 Lorelei
5 Useless Blues
6 Anchor
7 Whale
8 Feather
9 Today
10 Mad Boys
11 Hooray for You
12 Step Lightly
13 I Can't Get Started
14 If I Had You
15 Almost Like Being in Love
16 SOS Blues
17 Just in Time
18 Dindi
19 Complicated Woman
20 Lover, Come Back to Me
21 My Shining Hour

with style. But first a word about the brilliant packaging. The sexy, slightly old-fashioned picture/cd cover is Perfect. Makes me think I'm in the Sinatra era when the way it looked (and I don't mean tits or tight pants) was as important as the way it sounded. Open it up and slide out (tho I don't care for the sliding packages as much) the double cds which are like little records. Cute. And I APPLAUD her for doing 21 tracks on 2 cds. There need to be More double cds of original material out there, not just Best Of sets.

Now to the music - it lives up to the expectations set by the packaging. Beautiful voice standing naked in front of a Different sound for each song. That doesn't happen as often as you might think. The first cd is all songs by the singer; the 2nd is filled with standards. Both are equally executed, so it's hard to pick a favorite disc. Felicia likes her jazz quiet, but not exactly moody. She's singing about her problems and loves more than thinking about them. A songbird you want to hold and view from a distance.

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