Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sharel Cassity - Just For You

Sharel Cassity on alto sax gives out with

1 Phibes' Revenge
2 Just for You
3 Irazu (Wish You Were Here)
4 Lover Man
5 Wow
6 Roditi's Dream
7 Cherokee

in a modern jazz album that is a pretty strong release. A bit chaotic at times, but really that depends on what ear you go in with. If you're expecting something a bit slower, closer to smooth, you're going to think you're listening to a lengthy train wreck. But if you listen. Listen. Slow down and listen to the mixed salad, tossed like a professional, you're going to love this release.

Sharel wanted to bring together a variety of styles for the alto sax, pitting herself against many of the musicians she's been jamming with for the last couple years. She has indeed brought a party to the table, full of fun and dip and smiles for those of us who revel in what might be called mainstream jazz today.

Well done, I say.

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