Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bill Prouten - Low-down, No-good

1 Low-down, No-good, Downright Nasty Blues
2 Parallel Bars
3 Billy's Bossa
4 Unbalanced
5 An Aire For Claire
6 The Brightest Moon
7 Four Keys
8 Beyond The Stars

is what you get in Bill's new one, Low-down, No-good, which is in no way a reference to the contents. This is the kind of jazz cd I like getting. No genre at all. Just straight ahead jazz. Powered by the only steering wheel jazz has ever had: the sax.

Sax for sex, sax for blue moods, sax for car trips, sax for industrial work. Bill keeps it instrumental and interesting. Arresting. Arresting your attention, of course, like the good cop, bad cop routine. You never know if it's nasty or nice that's going to hit you, but you're always keen to listen for clues.

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