Friday, August 1, 2008

Funky Mustard - Jazza Mostaza

First off, I have to review any band who sends me personalized guitar picks. Second, any cd that causes a smile after the first couple notes has to be reviewed. Those are the rules.

1 Esta Vez
2 Technicolored
3 Iron Horse 2
4 Alma del Fuego
5 Mucho Close
6 Jacos Lament
7 Luna Azul
8 Oscuridad y Luz
9 Alma - Otra Vez
10 Jacos Live

are what you get. The opening instrumental attracted me at once. Fresh. The whole thing is a blend of outdoorsy acoustic guitars and new age gameplan, upbeat and the stuff you could give your 40 year old dad and kid sister. Simply swims in positive vibe.

I love this cd and reserve it in that tightest of fits, my personal collection.

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