Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mosaic - Unsaid, Undone

1 Seconds Out
2 Knew One
3 Hikaru's Dance
4 Speak Down
5 Under the Sun
6 Sightseeing
7 Unsaid, Undone

are played by

Matt Belzer, sax
Ned Judy, keys
Larry Melton, bass
Mark Merella, drums
David Font-Navarrete, percussion

and I love the sound. Chaotic accord is the only way to describe it. The title of the cd, Unsaid, Undone, is indeed apt. Instrumental, moving (we're talking spirit) jazz that seems to be the audio book version of a beatnik kid rushing to open Christmas presents, letting paper and mayhem stream every which way.

Long, juicy tracks the mind can wander down, and as another review calls it, filled with "much wit and beauty." Yes, there is somehow a humor to this music that bites and sticks the tongue out and seriously contemplates, all at once. Frank Zappa would love this stuff.

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