Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rented Mule

1 Lolly Pop Bop
2 Double D
3 Rest For the Weary
4 What Cha Gonna Do
5 Thelonius Monster
6 Unintentional Insanity
7 A Walk in the Park W/jones
8 The Procrastinator
9 Trout Sandwich

Don't judge books by covers. I almost did and almost missed out on some finely treated jazz.

See this terrible cd cover? Well, maybe you don't think it's bad, but this combined with some of the song titles made me think I was going to get into hip hop jazz for some reason. Not liking hip hop beats at all, it was lucky my eye rested on their self-proclaimed "jazz/fusion" listing, because that is what I like.

We've got Don Jones on drums, Joel Kunreuther on guitar, Frank Williams on percussion, Todd Horton on horns, Jason Mescia on sax and Dan Greenberg on bass, and together they give out with a sympathetic, energetic live sound that will win you over from the first five seconds. I hear whispers of Mancini in the lazy "Unintentional Insanity" and I hear some intentional weirdness in the horn harmonies of "A Walk in the Park w/jones" coming from the Zappa camp.

And I've had this delightful instrumental cd on repeat play - for the last five hours. Staying power, folks.

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