Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gene Ess - Modes of Limited Transcendence

Gene Ess - Compositions, Guitar
Tigran Hamasyan - Piano, Rhodes
Harvie S - Bass
Tyshawn Sorey - Drums


Ryo's First flight 6:26
Discovery in Three 12:14
Trance Chant 9:33
Art of Nothingness 9:25
Hero to Wizard 8:18
Messiaen Shuffle 9:44
Gagaku Dreams 6:52
Sufficient Reason 8:50

and though it took me a full song really to get into it, I now dig this improv-laden, often frantic modern jazz. There's a soul to it that is sometimes missing in jazz bands today that seem to think that just offering the right instruments is enough. Each player brings almost an obsession to the recording that somehow blends into something blisteringly beautiful.

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